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NASA’s Insight Mars Lander Lift Off

American Space Agency NASA’s latest inventor satellite ‘Insight’ has left its mission on planet Mars. NASA started the process of sending this satellite to land on the Red Planet. This satellite is designed to land on the surface of Mars and to record the incoming earthquake.

Much anticipated project

According to a pre-scheduled program from the ‘Insight’ vehicle of the Wandenburg Air Force base in California, it was to be launched from Atlas V. Rocket on Friday at four and five minutes (Indian time 4:35 pm) on Friday morning.
The scientists were worried that if there was a problem in the technological level at the launch of the fog in the sky before the launch. NASA security officials told that the barrier in visibility was over, so the launch process was started.

Mobilization of information

The objective of this ambitious project is to find out the ground situation of Mars. Information from this can be helpful in sending manned spacecraft in the future. It will also help in determining how billions of years ago it transformed into a rocky planet like Earth. NASA officials said, according to the plan, if everything was okay, then Insight will start working on Mars on November 26.

Full name of insight

The full name of this search engine is ‘Interior Exploration Using Cesmic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport’.

Work on mars

NASA’s principal scientist Jim Green said, experts already know that there are earthquakes, landslides and meteorites on Mars. But for the potential human campaigns for this planet, it is important to know how much Mars is sensitive to earthquake. Insight will find answers to this question by visiting Mars. It has an earthquake on its surface.

After landing on Mars, a robotic arm of the satellite will place the earthquake involved in it on the surface. After this, the satellite will do an automatic probe by digging 10 to 16 feet deep on the surface of Mars so that the flow of heat on the surface of the planet can be known. It is 15 times more than the excavation done on the surface of this planet under Mars Operations so far.

Mars Mission

$ 105 million is the ‘Insight’ satellite project
Expected to start work by reaching Mars till November 26
This vehicle is capable of working for 26 months or one year of Mars.
It will be able to record 100 earthquakes while staying on Mars
The temperature remains 20 degrees Celsius in the summer of Mars
It gets 73 degree celsius during those same days
The first was to be launched in 2016, but it was time to explore the problem in the seismometer.
After the Curiosity Rover sent in 2012 NASA’s second vehicle to Mars will be ‘insight’
The US Space Agency’s plan to send humanitarian missions to Mars by 2030

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